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Missing threads, partial threads, and broken taps cost manufacturers millions of dollars a year in assembly line shut downs.

RW80Mectron’s solution is the RW80-II, non-contact thread detection unit. The non-contact thread detection unit is an eddy current device that detects threads in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

State of the art electronic components assure drift free operation over extended periods of time. Set-up is made simple with a digi-pot to establish a high and low limit. Two visual lights, one the prox light turns red for part presence and the second either green for good or red for bad. If a bad condition exists there will be no output. This is a fail safe system. In the event that an electrical or mechanical failure exists the instrument will fail all parts.

An application specific probe to suit thread sizes (4mm to 35mm) is designed for use in automotive assembly lines, press rooms and other manufacturing environments. Oil mist, dirt and cutting fluids on the applications do not affect the sensor readings. To protect the probes from broken taps, misaligned tooling or a no-hole condition, Mectron supplies a spring loaded holder.

Each non-contact thread detection unit is in a modular format and is available with one to four channels per instrument. Mectron offers standard and custom tooling for most applications.



· 110 VAC Power

· 6.0 lbs.

· 12” x 4.6” x 8.3”

· Quick Connect/Disconnect Probes

· Totally Solid State

– No relays

– No air

– No costly maintenance

· Drift Free Operation

· Large Probe Selection

– Standard and custom

· Simple Set-Up

– Plug into one of four channels


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