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Length, Laser Scan, and Metallurgical Inspection Systems X-Y Axis Laser Scan and Magnetic Imagery™ System (Digital Eddy CurrentXYLaser(1)) (LT Inspection units suit cylindrical applications in fasteners and precision components.

The LT-350 includes Mectron’s MI9500 Magnetic Imagery™. Magnetic Imagery is an advanced digital eddy current technique ECscreen2that provides the most complete on-the-fly metallurgical inspection available on the market today. The instrument develops a magnetic image of each part as it passes through the Qualifier to create the part’s signature. This full signature provides the opportunity to detect the most critical metallurgical defects such as cracks, material mixes, conductive plating’s, and hardness by a visual deviation in the magnetic display. The percentage of deviation is displayed and acceptable limits can be quickly defined using the touch screen programming capabilities.complete turnkey operation.

Along with lasers and eddy current, Mectron has the capability to add vision to inPhoto_2spect for crack, through hole, and torx inspection.

Vibratory bowl and packaging system options are included on all quotations to provide a complete turnkey operation.

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