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Laser Enhancements

New Patent Pending Mectron Laser Enhancements

Mectron’s industry leading LSR-30 laser is undergoing two new enhancements to improve performance, maintenance and inspection capabilities.

The first improvement is a patent pending design to both the laser sender and receiver that angles the laser set when attached to the laser plate and provides enhanced thread pitch alignment. By aligning the laser precisely to the helix of the thread, it dramatically improves thread images and therefore improves the ability to catch smaller thread damages than in the past.


The modification of the laser set along with Mectron’s existing tilt laser array plate provides the customer with the ability to inspect nearly all thread sizes with superior accuracy and detection capabilities.


The second improvement is a laser receiver design modification. This modification fully exposes the laser lens for ease of cleaning due to todays’ increased use of organic coatings and the dust/debris they create during inspection. This improvement allows the operators to more thoroughly clean the entire laser lens and keep lasers at their optimum levels. The ability to keep the laser lenses cleaner leads to better measurement performance and greatly improved throughput. Mectron has implemented these changes to their own contract sorting department and have experienced up to 35% increases in throughput and efficiencies. This type of improvement makes it easy to justify the investment in the upgrades.
Receiver Modification
These laser enhancements are available on all new machines and as an upgrade to any existing Mectron inspection system. Please contact Mectron at 734-944-8777 or email to for further information or to discuss how this could help with your inspection needs.

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