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FM-1OOO Foreign Materials Sorting System is a vision-based machinFM1000e capable of inspecting basic fastener characteristics at speeds up to 600ppm. The system is comprised of a high-speed magnetic belt presenting the part to the vision camera. The camera and software package provide inspection for multiple features simultaneously: lengths, diameters, thread presence, foreign material, feature presence, washers, etc. Part set-ups are saved and stored into the computer via the high-resolution touch screen for easy retrieval. This user-friendly design offers the customer accurate inspection at very high speeds with an affordable price tag. The FM1000’s capabilities include headed products up to 127mm in length and diameters up to an M14.

Sorting Rate – Up to 600 pieces per minute depending upon part size and configuration.

System Features – High-resolution camera, modified vision software package, Windows 7, and touch screen for simple part setup.

Inspection Capabilities – Provides multiple features simultaneously: length, diameters, threads, foreign material, knurls, dog-points, and gross damage, etc.

Packaging and Parts Collector System – For continuous operation the unit provides a parts collector. The collector will automatically close upon the desired batch count allowing the system to run during the packaging box shuttle.


  • 110VAC Operation
  • Automatic Gating
  • Feeder Control Included

System Dimensions:

  • L36″ x W72″ x H72″
  • Weight: 1300 lbs.

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