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The Mectron EC500 is an all-digital eddy current instrument with specifically designed software for a diverse number of applications. It utilizes a touch screen QVGA 320×240 back-lit LCD display which allows for complete control of the impedance plane signature. The eddy current’s signal is easily controlled on the system’s touch screen operator interface. The displayed eddy current signal can be manipulated to alter frequency, phase, horizontal gain and vertical gain as well as to set the high and low thresholds to detect the differences between good and defective products. The usable frequency range of the Mectron EC500 instrument is 35 Hz to 5 MHz. Using Opto 22 I/O modules, the EC500 can be configured to accept AC or DC inputs and output AC or DC to typical PLC’s or control relays.

EC5+CoilThe EC500 is equipped with a Digital Signal Processor and algorithms for passing only the frequencies above the user specified cut-off. This development is used to eliminate the effects of runout or varying lift-off that can occur in certain applications.

All set-ups are easily saved internally in the instrument via the touch screen controls.


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